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 Who is Melissa?

    Melissa White is a missionary whose special calling is to work veterinarians and herders, first in Mongolia and now in India.  Here is a quote from her webpage which explains some of the steps the Lord led her through in preparation for ministry.

"Melissa grew up in Corvallis, Oregon and moved to Indiana after high school to attend Taylor University, where she received a degree in Biblical studies. Interested in working overseas, she decided to pursue practical training in animal husbandry. She returned home to receive a degree in veterinary technology, interned at Heifer Project Ranch for a year, then went back to school to receive a masters of business in international economic development from Eastern University in Pennsylvania."

Melissa: Our Own Adopted Missionary

    To me, Melissa's journey to Mongolia (and now to India) sounds like quite an interesting, and even daunting, challenge . . . learning a new language, adapting to another culture, experiencing new foods.  Such a challenging call takes much faith, trust in the Lord, and support.  And, that is why we chose to "adopt" Melissa as our family missionary.  Even though we have not been led into the foreign mission field ourselves, we have been led to support Melissa through prayer and monetary giving.  

    When Ben first met Melissa, at a Bible study back in Corvallis, Oregon, he realized that no effective plan is carried out without the necessary administrators, people on the front lines, and army of supporters.  With this vision in mind, he approached Melissa with the idea of offering his support to her missionary cause.  This was not to be a one-time donation, but a long-term, mission-minded collaboration.  We want to encourage, pray for, spread the word about, and help provide for Melissa and the work God has called her to fulfill.   

You Can Help, Too!

Let's remember to pray for Melissa and other foreign missionaries.  Make it a habit!  The children and I have chosen Thursday as our specific day to pray for Melissa and her work.

Offer financial support, giving cheerfully from that which the Lord has blessed you.  

Spread the word about India.  Tell others about Melissa and the ministry in which she is involved!